Cadillac CT5 Tease

Cadillac teased pictures of their new CT5 sedan which will replace the CTS in the lineup (a new smaller version is supposed to replace the current ATS in the future). The car will be unveiled at the New York Auto Show in April.

From what I see in these pictures, I have hope for the car and the brand. Modern-day GM has always had excellent drivetrain and chassis tuning (Corvette, Camaro, the ATS and CTS), it’s been some of the other areas where they have fallen short to competitors, especially Cadillac vs. “the Germans.”

As a former owner of an ATS coupe with a six-speed manual and the 2.0L turbo 4 cylinder, I can attest to the performance being on par or exceeding comparable BMW 3 Series I’ve driven. But the interior and the maddening CUE system definitely let the car down. This press release only hints at what the interior will bring, but so far it is very promising. I see actual buttons and no piano black surfaces! That alone represents a huge victory over the terrible trend of automakers using haptic feedback surfaces to replace physical switches. Nothing like contributing to distracted driving when I have to look away from the road to adjust the volume or change the temperature.

I also like the overall style and lines of the exterior, it is less angular and represents a nice evolution of the design style Cadillac has developed since the early 2000’s. I look forward to seeing the full reveal in a few weeks, this could be very promising for the American car market.

Check out the full release from Cadillac here.

Author: Ryan Carignan

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