How to say goodbye to your free time

If you’re a car enthusiast with a modicum of free time on your hands, I bet you have engaged in the wonderful flight of fantasy that is the on-line car configurator. Any manufacturer worth their salt has a method for you, the buyer/dreamer, to build your own dream car. Some are relatively basic (Ford and Chevy) and offer a few option packages to complete the best vehicle. Others help you eliminate hours from your day with menu upon menu of choices and options. All make for a fun diversion from your normal workaday schedule. Even if you don’t have the money to execute your plan.

I like the halo marques like Porsche, Mercedes, and Ferrari, because they offer the most room to roam. BMW’s choices are equally numerous, but the current lineup doesn’t interest me. They still have fantastic vehicles, but none that really fit my current proclivities. However, I do give BMW a lot of credit for their new Individual Configurator. It allows the user to try many, many different colors out on certain models in the lineup.

Here are links to my favorites, I hope you weren’t planning on being productive today.


Mercedes Benz


McLaren Automotive

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