I am a passionate automotive enthusiast who appreciates a well-crafted vehicle, regardless of where it comes from or who manufactured it. I have my brand preferences, but amazing machines are made worldwide. You have to keep your mind open to appreciate them.

Tired and freezing in the pits at 3 AM during the Rolex 24 at Daytona, I couldn’t be happier!

I am a freelance writer and photographer living in the Nashville, TN, area with a passion for automobiles, motorsports, and travel.

L’Enfant Plaza, Washington D.C metro

My previous job was with the Porsche Club of America as the Business Manager of their Club Racing program. My time there was fantastic and opened my eyes to a world I didn’t realize I could experience. Being a part of so many spectacular races and events gave me the opportunity to meet and work with incredibly talented people like Jeff Zwart, Michael Alan Ross, and Victor Newman which was enlightening and inspirational.

PCA Club Race, Circuit of The Americas

These opportunities rekindled my passion for writing and photography and allowed me to author several articles for online and print. The thrill of working on these projects and the positive feedback I received from staff and readers inspired me to roll the dice and move on to the next phase as a freelancer.

The Porsche Factory/Museum, Stuttgart GE

This site is an outlet for my driving passions in life, cars, travel, and photography. Hopefully, you will enjoy my journey as I capture what drives me.