Who am I and why should you care?

I am a passionate automotive enthusiast who appreciates a well-crafted vehicle, regardless of where it comes from or who manufactured it. I have my brand preferences, but the truth is amazing machines are being made all over the world. You have to keep your mind open to appreciate them.

My other passion in life is photography, especially landscape and architecture. I love walking into galleries in small towns around the country to admire the work of local photographers. Even if I can’t afford some of their pieces, I always leave inspired.

I work as the Business Manager for the Porsche Club of America’s (PCA) Club Racing series. As a PCA member and general car and racing enthusiast, I could not have answered the advertisement for this position fast enough, and thankfully, they hired me.

This job has introduced me to fantastic people in the corporate world, and a fleet of outstanding PCA volunteers. I have also attended some pretty astounding events. I have been honored to experience these races and events while meeting, and occasionally working with incredibly talented people like Jeff Zwart, and Michael Alan Ross.

These opportunities have rekindled my passion for writing and photography. I’ve had the chance to write a few articles for PCA, both online and in the monthly print magazine Panorama. Something I hope to expand upon in the future.

This site is the outlet for my driving passions in life, cars, and photography. Hopefully, you enjoy my journey as I capture the things that drive me.