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The search for a new car

Its time for all my casual surfing of the used car market to pay off, I’ve decided to get another car. There are so many cars I’d like to have, but budget and circumstances are always in play, and this time is no different. This will be my 21st vehicle, so as you can tell,

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The Dream Garage Game

I’m at 35,000 feet, no new podcasts, the wifi isn’t working, and I’ve already read the airline magazine. It’s time to go back to an old friend to keep me occupied, the “Dream Garage Game.” The Dream Garage Game is something most auto enthusiasts have played by themselves, with friends at work, over drinks at

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How to say goodbye to your free time

If you’re a car enthusiast with a modicum of free time on your hands, I bet you have engaged in the wonderful flight of fantasy that is the on-line car configurator. Any manufacturer worth their salt has a method for you, the buyer/dreamer, to build your own dream car. Some are relatively basic (Ford and

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Cue the talk of Porsche’s Demise

Lead photo by Porsche Porsche unveiled a new model last week that was no surprise to anyone who follows the marque, the Cayenne Coupe. Their entry into the SUV Coupe market with the BMW X6, Mercedes-Benz GLC, and Audi Q8 has been expected. Spy photos of the vehicle have been circulating the internet for months.

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Fun Rennsport Reunion Article

My current job allows me to have fun and indulge my driving passion in many ways. One such way is the ability to work at some pretty amazing events like the LA Auto Show, any number of Porsche Club of America Club Races, and last fall, a little event called Rennsport Reunion VI. Another great

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Irrational and Awesome


What is it that draws people to a car? While some people devote themselves to one particular marque, others (like me) have deep desires to own, drive and tinker with cars from any number of manufacturers. Sure I have my favorites, anyone who knows me knows my fondness for all things Porsche and for Corvettes,

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